3xSearingDialogue in Rotation Script

As Shadow Priest, using 3 x Searing Dialogue seems extremely strong for aoe and (as far as I know, replaces mind flay on single target once you have 3), but doesn’t seem to be in the AMR rotation script. I have tried to add it to a copy of the script, simply by adding Mind Sear before Mind Flay in the script with

Mind Sear
if AzeriteTraitRank(AzeriteSearingDialogue) = 3
interrupt Immediately if a higher priority action is available

Is this correct? Wasn’t sure if “Rank” here refers to the traits you have of that type. Seems to work though as the average dps increased on single target.

Yeah, that’s how you would do it - make sure to also check the “interruptable” check box to make sure it gets cancelled for higher priority actions.

I’ve been running tests on the traits and I was also finding that 3x Searing Dialogue makes it replace mind flay for single target, and 2x is break even pretty much - so I was planning to update the default rotation anyway.

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… And then they nerfed it by 35%… Hah…

Guess they really didn’t want people using Mind Sear against a single target :wink: