4 pc tier 20+liadrin's fury unleashed

I have the 4 pc tier 20 set and liadrin’s fury unleashed. and yet AMR doesn’t recommend me using the ring. It instead tells me to use the legendary cloak and belt. My toon’s name is Torribus on Stormrage. sry can’t figure out how to do an armory link.

I would have to see your particular character to determine what the best setup might be. All three of those are good legendaries, so it really depends what other gear you have.

If you want to give us the string of data that you copy from our addon to the website, we could look at your case in more detail.

$51;US;Stormrage;Torribus;Morning Mayhem;5;1;110;13:600,15:592,12:600,1:42,14:600,5:600;3;.s1;19;0000020;;;;.s2;20;2122132;;;;.s3;21;1133212;40,1,1,1,1,3,2,1,1,1,1,1,296,1,1,1,765,157,286,1,1,1,83;1,4,4,4,4,4,1,4,4,4,4,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,4,1,1,11,1;147096b1482b3528b3561,147088b1467b3528b3564,147099b1497b3336b3561;.q1;120978s16b737x140843y3671z2584;13344s13b-134b939b1986b45;202s12b-2016b1780b81e5427;2496s15b41b111e7;1330s5b-2083b2029b12;3s10b-2051b2051b45;3s1b-2086b321b1708b12x-16879;6s3b-3486b1435b1859b178;697s7b-1932b1755b236;1825s8b-2086b1849b108;9s9b-1957b2029b12;5s2b-2041b321b1528b108x27e5;3361s14b15b111;3494s6b-2088b2046b44;13s11b-2090b2046b44e-12;.q3;120978s16b737x147096y-8z11;16042s15b2722b111e5434;66s6b-1759b1759;396s8b-3528b1515b1780b81;4716s9b-1901b1820b80;4811s13b-1915b1834b226;1s14b-2065b311b1720b34x-16879;3s2b-2065b2031b34e5;8s11b-2060b306b1528b226x26e-11;47s5b-2055b1829b226;91s10b-2065b2031b34;1s1b-2065b2031b34;1s7b-2050b1825b225;1s3b-2075b1849b225;33s12b-2064b1839b225e0;.r;_;.inv;6948;37102;2824;0;16505;8255;30615u505x76693e4421;8311;5835;11449;0;0;5;2371;0;2223b1811b1759;1b-111b111x53527e1018;70;1057;0;0;0;0;73b-1998b1765b197;3404b-1723b1759x0e-11;17b-1759b1759;577;469;2081;395;259b-1759b1759;505;95;159;47;465;1544;598b-111b111;99b-1759b1759;2048;606b-2073b311b1720b34x0;8b-2065b311b1720b34x0e0;138b-2080b2046b33e6;35b-2079b2046b33e0;514;68;3869b-102b111x0e-6;169b-1759b1759$ this is the string I get when using addon in game.

So using what best-in-bags suggests:

Then if I lock in the ring, here’s what it gets:

Damage goes down by ~1.5%, and best-in-bags predicts your DPS was going to go down by ~1.23%. That’s ridiculously accurate for a 4-second optimization :wink:

Looks like cloak+belt is better for your character by a little bit. But really… I’d consider those close enough that you can use whichever setup you prefer.

Thanks much appreciate the help. I realize that the belt and ring are optimal if you have all BiS pieces slotted but from what everyone was telling me I should go with ring instead. I’ll keep what AMR suggests for me for right now. I’ll just have to be patient and hope I get good gear drops in the future.

Yeah I just recently did an in-depth review of Retribution simulation and rotations, and updated our gear rankings. I’m finding that there are a lot of legendary combinations that are very close to each other for retribution at high gear levels:

ashes to dust + chain
whisper + chain
liadrin’s + chain

Those tend to come out the best. But you can also do combos without the chain, depending on other available gear, and they aren’t that far off.

edit: that’s single-target of course. Sometimes other legendaries come out on top for AoE situations.

Here’s that article if you’re into the nitty-gritty of simulation: Retribution Simulations, 7.2.5

yes I hear you. the string I sent to you has my talents as fires of justice and divine hammer. If I swap those out to zeal and blade of wrath. AMR says to use ashes to dust+chain.

Interesting – yeah forgot that the new strategies for retribution adapt to talents.

Just for kicks I simulated a few combos of your gear, the best three that I found via a quick test (all within half a percent):
zeal, ashes, chain: http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/simulator/report/f851e6766856406591cdfc6f2ed64bf3
zeal, whisper, chain: http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/simulator/report/f851e6766856406591cdfc6f2ed64bf3
fires of justice, whisper, chain: http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/simulator/report/618d50d3b5c44942b8933d15ba7deb92

So yeah either of those three setups seem equivalent for single-target, with a few others not far behind.