65 neck 3 slots not locking in my choices

im selecting 2 minor slots to lock in but when optimized it replaces 1 of my choices in a minor slot every time

i should specify this happens with best in bags

If you post your addon export (that you copy from the in-game addon to the website), I can try to reproduce your case. Also let me know which gearing strategy you are using, and which minor essences you are trying to lock in to which slots.


that is my export from in-game to amr website. from there i attempt swapping slot 2 with null barrier and slot 3 with lucid dreams. after optimizing, slot 2 is replaced with lucid dreams and slot 3 is replaced with the previously suggest ( but not what i locked) worldvein. same thing happens with any other 3rd slow i attempt locking in, goes into 2nd slot and 3rd protects a recommendation i didnt want.

Thanks, I was able to reproduce the issue. I’ll fix that in the next update. It could be a few days though… finishing up a larger batch of changes that is taking a bit of extra testing to finish.