7.2 Beta Gearing Strategy freezing

Hello. I’m a tank trying to run the new gearing strategy. First off, it said it would take an extremely long time (10 hours). Which I’m fine with, but it’s ran MUCH longer (probably near 18-24 hours), and I believe has frozen (started sitting at the same chunk for a very long time).

Problem is, I can’t even cancel it. It just sits at the cancelling screen. When I close it and reopen, it just starts processing the sim again, and seemingly freezing at the same spot.

Edit: I did manage to get it to exit by itself…but opening the client just started processing the sim again.

Edit 2: Nevermind finally got it to cancel. Guess I have to start all over though.

Sometimes one of the parts will get stuck in the queue, but there is a max of 3 retries before it’s gone forever.

If it gets stuck again let me know… 10 hours is meant to be a pretty conservative estimate for a slower computer, or if you aren’t running on all your cores.

I have an overclocked i5 6600K…and I have the sim running at max setting.

Left it on while I went to bed for 7~ hours.I think it stopped progressing again (sitting at 38%), unless it’s just going REALLY slow.

Can you link me to the report for that strategy?

Also, what does the client program say when it stops/slows down?

Computer isn’t going to sleep or something while it is running?


The client is just sitting at “15 setups of chunk 9 processed…”

The previous time it froze it said the same thing (just at a different setup/chunk during the sim).

Edit: I restarted the client and it seems to be progressing again now.

I’ll try checking it out if I get a chance… not sure what is hanging it up off the top of my head.

I also have some improvements to the V2 tank strategies coming soon… were a couple bugs with the brewmaster ones, you might get unusual trinket rankings until I can post an update.

Ugh. Seems to be hanging again. So close too!

1416/1483 (95%) completed…

So after restarting it after hanging multiple times, the simulation page shows 100%…but the client is sitting at “15 setups of chunk 9 processed”.

Yeah I don’t even know what to do anymore. It’s just hanging or closing.