7.2 Website Update

The first of our many 7.2 updates is live!

IMPORTANT: A lot of the item data for Tomb of Sargeras items that was available from the PTR is incomplete. Particularly trinkets. We will need to wait for Blizzard to update that data before we can accurately model a lot of tier 20 gear!

  1. The new artifact trees are available, and all new traits have been implemented in the simulator. Get a customized path calculated for your character - tutorial here. A few of the healer ones need some of the new changes we have in store for the simulator, more on that soon.

  2. As much of the new item data as we could get is available. We will need to do another update for a lot of tier 20 stuff once we know the real bonus IDs, proc info, etc.

  3. We have implemented all of the T20 set bonuses in the simulator. Also, don’t be surprised if Blizzard changes several of them before Tomb of Sargeras comes out.

  4. We also implemented the 4 new crafted legendaries, and put in the legendary changes in the simulator.

  5. We have NOT updated default gearing strategies yet. This will come after we see a live build and finish up some of the data. So don’t freak out if the optimizer doesn’t immediately reflect all the new changes the nanosecond that 7.2 goes live.

  6. Several bug fixes pushed for the issues people had over the weekend. Hopefully people won’t get those “took too long to respond” errors anymore. As of 4pm PST on March 28, we fixed an error in the addon, so get the updated version.

  7. Note that even if you run new gearing strategies manually, the tier 20 trinkets and set bonus ranks are not set in stone. We need more data and Blizzard is likely doing more balancing.

  8. Nightbane loot has been moved under the “Special Event” checkbox in the main filters and options for the site. You must check that to see Nightbane loot in the optimizer now.

Updated on 3/28 to include this post.

Update on 3/29:

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Another Update!

We’re going to consolidate all updates for 7.2 into this one thread for now.

  1. Hotfixes from March 30th are now live in the simulator.

  2. Tweaked some more item data: new world boss drops are categorized correctly now, engineering helmets no longer have incorrect obliterum levels.

  3. Fixed a few edge cases where the optimizer was sometimes getting stuck with the wrong legendaries chosen. Try again if you were having an issue.

  4. Addon version 50, updates to use the changed equipment manager API in 7.2.

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Another Update!

This was a mostly behind-the-scenes update to improve performance. Let us know if you still run into issues with the optimizer taking too long to respond.

Update with a few tweaks!

  1. Added some hotfixes to the simulator that were posted on Friday.

  2. Tweaked some of the trinket ranking code for “version 2” gearing strategies. If you were seeing any weirdness, try it again! This change might also improve some custom “version 1” strategies too. Try re-running them if you were seeing unusual results.

  3. The 13th tick of Draught of Souls was getting cut off, fixed that.

Small Update!

  1. Added Broken Shore item variant pickers, and a global filter to show/hide them. It is off by default to avoid slowing stuff down. Go into main Filters/Options and turn it on if you would like to see them ranked in lists.

  2. Small tweak to the Upgrade Finder, sometimes Smart Mode was upgrading an item further than necessary to be considered an upgrade.

  3. Made a small tweak to NPS that in theory should make it behave a bit better when death chance gets lower (should have minimal impact when death chance is higher). This is just a stop-gap while we work on more advanced ways to transition from situations where a tank is really threatened (non-trivial death chance) to situations where they are not (near-zero death chance). This tweak makes it so that NPS doesn’t give as much value to “snarfing” the “background” healing that the tank is receiving (i.e. HoTs) once your death chance gets low – the idea being that healers will do this no matter what, so you don’t gain much by preempting it with your own abilities.

Hi AMR Team,

Just wondering if today’s yesterdays hotfix is updated in AMR?

April 10


Artifact Challenges

Inquisitor Variss’s health has been reduced by 10%.
Nether Horror’s health has been reduced by 20%.

Death Knight
Black Claws (Artifact trait) can no longer incorrectly burst multiple Festering Wounds per swing.
Demon Hunter
Erupting Souls (Artifact trait) will now strike all targets hit by Soul Cleave.
Cobra Commander’s Sneaky Snakes (Artifact trait) damage increased by 25%.
Thunderslash (Artifact trait) damage reduced by 50%.
Thunderslash (Artifact trait) deals 30% less damage with the Dire Frenzy talent.
Glacial Eruption (Artifact trait) damage increased by 20%.
Jaws of Shadow’s (Artifact trait) bonus is now 10% (was 20%).
Executioner’s Precision (Artifact trait) bonus increased to 75%/stack (was 50%/stack).
Oathblood’s (Artifact trait) proc chance increased to 15% (was 10%).

Yes, April 10th hotfixes are live in the simulator.

Also forgot to mention: added Feast as a food option. High quality are the 500 feasts, Medium and Low are the 400 feasts.

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Small Update!

  1. Re-flagged some melee DPS trinkets in the simulator so that they will function for tanks.

  2. New 870 class hall set versions added to UI.

  3. Fixed an issue with the Spellblade boss script that would cause the SecondsUntilBigMagicHit method to return true too often.

  4. Back-end update to how gearing strategies are stored. Should not impact anyone, unless you happened to save a strategy around when this update was posted. If one of your custom strategies disappears on you, simply load your report from your history of simulation reports, and save it again.