7.3: Best in Bags


I’m using AskMrRobots best in Bags already for a few months to simulate my resto shaman and until 7.3 it worked fine. I always simulate Gearing Strategy for Raid Healing Krossos with Default Rotation and save the machine learning version. Hope this is still correct?

Before 7.3 when I chose best in bags, the result was never seriously lower than the current gear. My typical worst-cast deviation for simulations is something like 30k on 800k HPS, which is below 4%. Considering this margin, the best in bags solution was always worth considering.

However, since 7.3 this changed. I ran multiple simulations for gearing strategy since the last patch hit. Last try was yesterday. Since 7.3 it might happen that I drop from 850 HPS down to 750 HPS when simulating the suggested outfit. None of the suggested outfits was ever better than my current gear, when simulated. Yesterday was the first simulation after the netherlight crucible was available and I even made sure that I selected the first tier on all simulations. However, nothing really changed, still the same mess.

The problem seems to be with the computation of the gearing strategy. When making single runs I still see the impact even of small changes like changing the enchants from hast to crit. It seems all reasonable.

However, the gear that is suggested to me even looks weird on the first look. I have full ToS heroic set bonus and it wants to replace it with 2 items of the previous tier. This means replacing +50% healing rain with +15% on healing wave. Even at the same item level I would expect +50% healing rain to be more effective as a group healer. Not to mention exchanging 915 ilvl with 890.

Am I doing something wrong? Even if I do something wrong with the gearing strategy, I would expect that I make the same mistake for single runs.

Can you link me some of the simulations?

Setting up a gearing strategy for healers is a bit tougher than for DPS. It’s possible that we need to tweak the setup of your custom gearing strategy to get good results. The main setting of interest would be the mythic+ level on the simulation. If you are doing your single run simulations with no mythic+ level set (mythic+ on the raid healing script serves to adjust how much damage the raid takes) then the results might be different than what the gearing strategy is doing, since the gearing strategy automatically increases the damage to a point that it is challenging for your character.

Hi Swol,

Thanks for help. I just checked and the MythicPlusLevel is indeed different. For Gearing Strategy it is set to 8, for Single Run it is set to 1. Since I never changed anything in the more options part, I did not check it in the simulation results either. My typical approach is not to mess with the extended options, if I don’t know what I’m doing :wink:

I also thought that everything related Mythic+ is just for simulating Mythic+ instances. Now I understand how you tune Krosus to fit the current raid. Is there a table, which MythicPlusLevel is corresponding to which raid difficulty? As a causal raider my item lever is usually much higher than the raid difficulty I’m playing (currently at maiden heroic), but my patients usually also need much more healing than a pro-raider playing on this difficulty.

For the suggested gear I made a mistake: It does not replace the tier sets, it just replaces 915/920 with 890 2-set bonus. This might make sense.

Here are the links to the simulations:

Gearing Strategy:

Simulation on current setup (919k - just in case I switched the links):

Simulation on suggested setup (852k):

Many thanks for the help!

Hey Annu,

The link for the gearing strategy is the same link as your single simulation. Would you mind sending it again :slight_smile:

Quick Edit - You mentioned that the gearing strategy ran with a M+ of 8. So I did a simulation of your Current Setup vs Suggested Setup at M+ 8 instead of +1 here’s the results.

Current Setup - http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/simulator/report/7a7f119f68794fa1bf20480260c164ec

Suggested Setup - http://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/simulator/report/7580e1d522d74260b06deea960544de0

As you can see when the difficulty is ramped up to what the gearing strategy did the suggested setup does output more HPS.

Tagging @Swol because I noticed something small, in that the suggested gear actually increases his allies deaths by almost double, I don’t think that should be happening.

I think that mythic+5 is the damage difference from heroic to mythic raiding. It’s better to think of the healing simulations as a bit more “relative” though. The damage in the script is set as a % of ally health. The idea behind the automatic custom gearing strategy is that you want to gear for a fight in which the damage allies are taking is big enough to challenge your healing potential.

Resto shamans pose a bit of a problem for gear optimization… If you let people’s health get lower, you will do more healing, but then run the risk of more people dying. I’ll have to think about how we could take that into account… ideally we want to set up the simulations such that higher HPS always corresponds to less ally deaths. Factoring ally deaths into the optimization directly will make it much more difficult to optimize and choose gear, as we see with tanks and death chance. I don’t know if it’s possible for resto shaman to make this the case though…

Pretty soon I’ll be making the adaptive strategy for resto shaman raid healing… we’ll see if we can tweak the rotation and/or script to try to deal with this.

Here comes the hopefully correct link to the gearing strategy:

Thanks for running the simulations again with Mythic+ 8, I did not know how to restart the simulation with different settings.

I’m at home now and simply tried the best in bags function again when setting MythicPlusLevel to 8 manually and it is all fine now. The difference is now 1128620 with current gear and 1171916 with the optimized gear. This is exactly 3.8% better, which is really close to the 3% the gear optimizer would expect.

Now I even have another toy to play around, as I can try the result with different difficulty levels :slight_smile:

Many thanks again for all the help.

@annu80 It looks like your questions has been resolved, but I noticed one other thing that may be contributing to your initial results. The simulation you ran with you current gear (919k) included the 15 weapon ilvls from the crucible. The AMR optimised set sim (852k) did not. It looks like the same difference is in the later sims as well, so you actually would probably see a much higher relative gain if you include the Crucible levels in the comp sim.