8.2 Gear Ranking Roadmap

The 8.2 patch is here! We will do several updates over the next couple of weeks to fully rank and support all of the new loot.

We also have a blog post describing some of the new stuff: 8.2 patch blog post

There are a ton of new items with wacky special effects, so it is taking us a bit longer to figure out and rank them than usual. We are working around the clock to ensure that we have solid rankings before the raids open on July 9th. Below is our tentative update schedule, and we will update this post as we make progress.

I’m sure there will be something unexpected that comes up, but we can pretend that we’ll be able to stick to a schedule for now!

8.2 Patch Day (June 25th)

This update will have all of the new gear available to choose from in the Simulator and Optimizer. It will include new UI options to pick Heart of Azeroth essences, handle the fancy Mechagon punchcard trinket, settings for the gear that only works in Nazjatar and the Eternal Palace, new filters, etc.

This update will also have almost all new gear and essences implemented in the simulator for people to try out. There are only a couple that we couldn’t get enough data to implement and will be adding soon.

This update will not have rankings for most of the new stuff yet. We will be cranking out new data all week, and will make frequent progress posts to let you know what has been finished. Usually we like to rank stuff before the patch goes live, but there was simply way too many new effects, and some of them very complicated. Also, we were not able to test many of them – in particular the new raid and mechagon dungeon loot. We fully expect Blizzard to re-balance several items and essences before the raid opens anyway… so be prepared for things to change frequently over the next 2 weeks.

July 1st

By one week after 8.2 goes live, we hope to have updated rankings for most classes completed, though they will not be final – we are not sure when Blizzard will post balance tweaks, so we’ll have to play it by ear. Some of the raid loot might be put off until closer to Season 3 start.

Season 3 Starts (July 9th)

By the start of Season 3 we will have everything ranked. This is also when they will up the difficulty of Mythic+, so the item level of dungeon drops will increase. We may or may not make that change before Season 3 actually starts – in particular it could impact tank toughness threshold rankings, so we might need to do that earlier so that the global network can crank out new tank rankings before Season 3 hits.


Progress Update!

As of this last weekend (June 29th), all 8.2 essences and gear were implemented in the simulator. Go ahead and try it out if you want to do some hardcore theorycrafting and simulating!

We will post a site update later tonight (July 2nd) with a few bug fixes (in particular an error a few people have been getting when doing Best in Slot mostly). This will also prepare the site for gear ranking updates.

Tomorrow (July 3rd) we will update gear rankings for many (maybe all?) DPS specs. If time permits, we will also do healers and/or tanks.

If we don’t get to healers/tanks tomorrow, we plan to update them on July 4th.

These gearing strategies will be a first pass based on the spell data we have been able to obtain. Especially some of the trinkets from the eternal palace and mechagon will probably need some in-game testing and tweaking to get a rock solid ranking. We’re also sure that some of the essences will be re-balanced by blizzard, or people will come up with really clever ways to use them, etc. We’ll spend the remaining days leading up to start of the new raids and season 3 testing things out. Then we’ll do another round of tweaks after the first week of raiding, when we can get real in-game data for some of these new effects.

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Another update!

Things are looking pretty good – we have most of the gearing strategies updated and running through tests on our development servers. But I forgot about the holiday today… a couple of us have family visiting, and we don’t like to post updates to the site when we might not be around to address any issues that arise.

So! The current plan is to do an update with all new strategies for every spec tomorrow (July 5th). We will then monitor it all day and all weekend for any issues, making tweaks as necessary leading up to the new raid opening on Tuesday (July 9th).

We will also update our guides with new talent rankings, and a new section with major essence rankings and suggestions, as well as clean up the display of logic for using the major essence active abilities in your rotations. We plan that update to be ready before Tuesday July 9th as well.


All gear rankings updated!

As mentioned before, this is a first pass at 8.2 gear rankings. There are several items from The Eternal Palace and Mechagon that require more testing to get a final ranking.

As always, let us know if you see anything out of the ordinary – we will add it to our list to investigate as we continue to test and examine all the new gear.

A few things of note:

  1. The “In Eternal Palace” option controls whether the effects on many of the Nazjatar/Benthic items are included in the ranking our not. Typically you will want this on for raid gearing, off for Mythic+.
  2. The Shiver Venom option refers to two specific weapons from The Eternal Palace that are more powerful when another player has the Shiver Venom Relic equipped. These weapons are for agility DPS specs only.
  3. Logic Loop + Bit Band combos should be ranking correctly now, but we need to test the proc rates on some of the Logic Loops still to get a final ranking. We made some reasonable guesses for now.

Our next update will contain new talent and major essence rankings on the guide pages, as well as improved rotation display for major essences.

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A note – we are aware that if you bring up the list of minor essences on e.g. a Best in Slot solution, it’s not ranking them (they all show as zero). Working on it!

Will s3 m+ gear and major essence rankings/rotation display be ready by raid?

Guides and Optimizer updated for Season 3!

NOTE: Several things still need more in-game testing to get a definitive ranking. We have taken our best guess though to give everything a pretty reasonable value.

Guides are updated with new talent and major essence rankings

In the talent section, there is also data for all major essences as well. We rank these in combination with your talents. For example, if you click on a particular major essence, it will dynamically adjust and show which talents pair well with it.

Each major essence has three “bars” for rank 1, 2, and 3 of the essence, with rank 3 on the bottom.

As before with the talent rankings, we give you the ability to group them into “tiers” that you can adjust. Our defaults are pretty conservative: anything in green is a top-performing combination of talents and major essence. Anything in yellow is pretty good too.

This is a first pass at displaying talent and major essence combinations, we may adjust/improve the UI once or twice, but we wanted to get the data out there for you today.

Optimizer updated with season 3 changes

A few things of note:

  1. Mythic+ and Mythic+ Cache gear increased to new season 3 item levels
  2. Titan Residuum upgrade finder search updated to new season 3 item levels
  3. Emissary cache upgrade finder search now goes up to 415 (not 100% sure how high emissaries will go yet)
  4. There is a Benthic upgrade finder search!
  5. Added rankings for the trinkets you can get from Pascal in Mechagon Island

Hiya, i’m running glimmer build Holy Paladin but since the talent advisor doesn’t take gear into account it is there anyway to see what essences sim best when using glimmer?

In the upgrade finder the new world boss loot is showing as 355 instead of 415, which is what the in game Adventure Guide is showing them drop.

@chrischowen The talent advice on the guides uses the strongest set of gear/azerite with each talent+essence combo. For many of them, that will be Glimmer of Light. So it should have you covered – I would expect the top builds to mostly use Glimmer of Light still, but I can double-check with our healer guy.

@Cluey I’ll take a look at that.

It does not seem that azerite gear is shown under mythic+ upgrade finder for hunter at least. I have not tried other classes.

@Cluey The new world boss loot should be showing as 415 now.

@huntzo You cannot get azerite gear in Mythic+. You get Titan Residuum instead, and there is an upgrade finder search for that.


I am looking, but am unable to find, the road map for opening up gearing simulations so i can do off meta builds, Likes Frost Mage’s Frozen Orb Build or No Ice Lance (which require different rotations than the AMR default) as I think they will result in a strong output through the course of the tier (but unable to test and conform).

Is there a rouge ETA around opening this back up?

The current frost mage rotation will adapt to the frozen orb build – I’m not our frost mage guy so I don’t know the exact details, but if you pick the stuff for a frozen orb build, the rotation will do the right things.

I’m not sure on a no ice lance build, would have to ask.

You can also make your own custom rotations to try things out in the simulator.

Does this post answers the question ?

I think the thresholds might have broken with the new data @yellowfive, threshold set at 0.25% for both.

Feral-ST > Feral-AoE > Balance-ST



I had to go out of town until Monday. Maybe swol can take a look. Is that one of your lower priority specs? Is it using traits forced by a higher spec? The azerite and threshold code was not changed with 8.2, so this is probably some edge case.

Third priority but highest for Terror Turkey and not using any items from Feral.
It’s quite odd.


They are currently at 415 but selecting 415 from the dropdown menu, in the Upgrade Finder, gives you a list of 385’s.

For upgrade finder, Operation Mechagon drops are not showing up in the Bonus Rolls listing for me even with it selected as a dungeon (maybe since it doesn’t have a mythic+ version?). However I was able to find a few upgrades listed when I selected “regular dungeons - mythic”. Can ya’ll look into getting it into the bonus rolls listing? Thanks.

Yellow Punchcard, wrong values!

I’m not sure if youve been notified yet. Just in case if you havent, i believe the gear optimizer still calculates the yellow card with the pre-nerf values. They have been nerfed by a pretty significant amount, so much that it might result in a gear swap with few classes who benefit a lot from secondary stats.