9.0.5 Website Update

Over the next couple of days, we will be working on updates for the 9.0.5 patch coming this Tuesday (March 9).

Probably sometime today (Sunday March 7), we will do an update with the new item and spell data. In particular, you’ll see new spell tooltips for the updated covenant abilities, legendaries, etc. You may also notice some minor changes in stats on certain items – Blizzard has made a couple tweaks. Rankings will not be changed yet.

Overnight and all day Monday and Tuesday, we’ll work on re-ranking everything. We will make another announcement when new rankings are done and published to the website. Our goal is to have everything updated by end of day Tuesday March 9, though it might go into Wednesday depending on how many last-minute changes they sneak into the patch.


Will there be an option in the Upgrade Finder for best us of Valor?

Yes we’ll add something for valor – it might not be available right on tuesday, but sometime early this week.

Wowhead had an article today showing that they had missed data-mining some trinket changes on the PTR when 9.0.5 was released there. No announcement from blizz on patch notes, so it might not even go live but just a heads up in case you guys hadn’t caught that.

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Thanks – yeah we’ll do another scan for changes after we get the new client tomorrow, see if they sneak in any other changes.

We have posted an update with new rankings for most things – we have a couple small tweaks that we are working on today, particularly to beast mastery hunters. That should be done in a few hours.

A valor upgrade feature is in the works – I need to go in-game and get some new gear that can be upgraded to play around with it though to ensure that it’s working as intended. I hope to have that available tomorrow sometime.

We posted another update today:

  • Valor upgrade levels will now display on item tooltips
  • New Valor Upgrade Finder Search! Read more here: Valor Upgrade Finder Search
  • Finished another pass of tweaks to rankings for a few specs

If you see anything out of the ordinary after the patch, please let us know! We’re still doing another round of review.