Valor Upgrade Finder Search

We have added a new search to help you figure out the best way to spend your Valor.

When you choose the search from the list, you will see a list of all items in your bags that can be upgraded with Valor (anything that says Upgrade Level: X/12 on it in-game, and that isn’t rank 12 already). Press ‘Find Upgrades’ to rank them.

How are the upgrades ranked?

We use a similar technique to the Great Vault and “Add to my bag” search: we upgrade each item one upgrade level, then add it to your inventory. We then run a full Best in Bags optimization to see if it would be worth using with your current gear, and show you the gain. For more details on how this scoring works, read this post: The Great Vault Upgrade Finder Search.

What do the two ranking methods mean?

We give you two ways to view the results:

Most Efficient

This shows the percent upgrade gained per 250 Valor spent. For example, if going from rank 6 to 7 is a 2% upgrade and costs 500 Valor, we would show this as a 1% gain per each 250 Valor spent. This is the default and recommended way to view the rankings, as it will show you how to most efficiently spend your valor.

Biggest Upgrade

This simply ranks the items in order by how much of an upgrade they are, regardless of Valor cost. If cost is not an object, you might prefer this ranking.