9.1.5 Patch Preview

Today we updated the site with a preview of features for the upcoming World of Warcraft 9.1.5 patch.

Freely Change Covenant

With 9.1.5 you will be able to freely change your covenant once you reach max renown. We have added the ability to set a different covenant on each of your Best in Bags setups, in the setup step just above where you set your talents. Try it out and let us know if you run into any issues. You will need the in-game addon version 108 or higher to import information for all of your covenants (not just the active one).

Note: the in-game addon feature to change your soulbind hasn’t been updated yet to also change your covenant. We’re still working on that. You’ll need to manually change your covenant in-game, then activate your gear set for it to change the soulbind automatically (or you can disable this feature in the addon).

Legion Timewalking M+

We have added all Legion Timewalking M+ gear to our gear lists, and added the following features to support it:

  • Preliminary estimates for Legion M+ trinkets in the optimizer
  • Simulator implementation for all Legion M+ trinkets
  • Best in Slot option to include/exclude Legion M+ gear in results, defaults to exclude
  • Upgrade Finder search for Legion M+
  • Type “legion” in any gear list filter to see only Legion M+ items

Please note: Legion M+ gear can only be won from end-of-run chests. There are no vault versions of Legion M+ gear.

Balance Changes

We have updated the simulator with balance changes from the PTR. We have not updated gear rankings and optimizations based on these yet. We will also do another update once the patch gets closer with any further changes from the PTR.

Gear rankings have been updated based on the latest PTR build of 9.1.5.

Once 9.1.5 goes live tomorrow, we’ll check for any other changes that sneaked into the patch and do another update on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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I guess the bug mentioned under this post (source : discord mistweaver) isn’t really a thing you’ve implemented cause it was a bug ?
(I’m curious “how many” does it improve dmg for MW)

Quick (and kind of late as this happened a few days ago) update!
Blizzard has looked at our auto-attacks again
IT APPEARS that they have fixed the issues with renewing mist resetting auto attacks when you cast it is casted or it jumps.
If this fix truly works it will be a nice DPS bump!

Yeah, I never implemented an auto attack reset on casting renewing mist or jumps. I don’t know how much it affects DPS, but I don’t think it will have any significant impact on the way you would pick gear. Auto attacks only account for like, 15-20% of your single target damage as a mistweaver, so I don’t think the differences will be dramatic.

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Hey! You noticed there are no great vault timewalking gear. But you should remember we can upgrade items to 246 gear with valor. Can we see this in Upgrade Finder with time?

If you obtain a timewalking M+ item, the Valor upgrade finder search should show you the ranking of possible upgrades to your item.

We can look into another search if you just want to poke through all timewalking gear at the valor upgraded gear levels.

The best way to do this atm is to use the “Mythic 13 vault” option in the upgrade finder section.