9.2 Prot Warrior

I was thinking about which convenant would be best for protection warriors in 9.2.
Maybe necrolord with glory legendary?
Seems like with the new set Shield Slam and Thunderclap generate more rage. (also do more damage etc…)
Avatar gives damage reduction + damage done increase.
I guess, Anger Management will be the new go to talent…

So to maximize Glory + Avatar up time a build with high rage gain is needed.
I wonder which talent will be better to generate more rage:
Into The Fray or Unstopple Force.

Thunderclap is buffed by the Set and it has a chance to reset Shield Slam.
Which also is buffed by the set and generates more rage…

How much haste is needed to bring Thunderclaps CD down to 2s with the Unstoppable Force Talent to squeeze in 10 thunderclaps into the avatar window?

Would it even be possible to reduce TC CD down to 1sec with enough haste?

Reprisal will still be needed to have decent shield block uptime, i guess?
Because even with high haste but without Heavy Repercussions it is nearly impossible to have 100% uptime.

I have the feeling the prot “All DPS” is a bit broken?
Stacking way to much crit and no mastery?
Why is there is no high haste preset?

Did you mean 9.1.5…?

To be honest, 9.2 has barely gone into PTR & may not go live before New Year… I’d be surprised if @yellowfive et al have had a chance to get any data for 9.2 yet…

I’ve looked at the PTR some and checked out the set bonuses. For now I’m hanging back a bit - I think we will see significant tuning if not re-design of a lot of the set bonuses. I think the protection warrior bonus, in particular, needs a solid round of refinement at the least.

We avoid feelings and use simulations instead! Mastery is not a stat that is going to out-scale crit/haste for pure DPS, in general, as a tank. There isn’t a high haste preset because we find haste to be fairly subjective if the simulation data doesn’t lead to the optimizer picking it by default - it is best for players to customize the results to what they prefer.

Can we have more haste for Necrolord Prot ?
For more banner uptime? Like target 50%+ with Into the Fray Talent?

Also the Single Target DPS Present seems a bit low on the haste side and way too much crit?
And why doesn’t it prefer Ashen Juggernaut over Show on Force?
Ashen Juggernaut is huge DPS increase in single target, easily 2k-3k or more.
For single target fights I’m averaging about 8k overall then execute phase starts and the execute crits are flying in and I’m ending up with 10k+ DPS, no way Show on Force can pull the same DPS increase.
26,4% Thunder Clap increase, well yes, but 26,4% from almost nothing is still almost nothing.
Ashen Juggernaut is also pretty decent in M+ with mouse over execute macro.

Then Condensed Anima Sphere vs Fueled by Violence.
The Sphere is more like for Single Target Fights?
As It only scales with HP and Versatility?

Fueled by Violence scales with Pull Size, Attack Power / Versatility, Haste ?
So why it isn’t preferred in M+?

And one big problem I have with the Sphere is, that most of it’s healing is wasted into overheal.
When the First you take isn’t huge enough, it is pretty much wasted.