910 Mac'aree Focusing Amethyst(of the Impatient) Incorrect haste amount?

I have a 910 Mac’aree Focusing Amethyst that is a flat haste stat stick, but my in game version only has 1,225 haste, opposed to the AMR 910 version showing 2,512 haste… Normally I wouldn’t pay much attention to it, but its showing as the best replacement for my 875 socketed BTI, and there isn’t many better - minus a higher proc’ed ilvl BTI. It also sims for about 33k more. I don’t know if when the trinket is made from the token, if it can come out with such a difference in stat amounts (assuming it rolls only haste) so I could very well just have the worst possible version.

So that’s my question - is the AMR stat amount wrong, or do I just have a worthless version of it?

Right now there’s a bug in our item data that is making them show up with 2x secondary stat on the site. We will fix it as soon as our developer returns from vacation, sorry for the delay.

Np! I appreciate the answer, and the extra bag slot you’ve granted me with =P