985 lvl BIS gear

Best in slot shows me 985 level gear from Nighthold Relics in particular. I’ve run mythic many times and 930 is the highest level i’ve seen. please tell me where to find this gear or explain what Nighthold instance drops higher than Mythic 930??

Maybe you have an option set to warforge the gear?

My question is as follows , If the askmrrobot app shows 985 gear from the Nighthold raid as BIS why does nothing over 930 ever drop? No one ive talked to has ever seen anything over 930. So why does askmrrobot show BIS as being 985 lvl gear from the NIghthold? Does it really exist? If so where? How?

It would exist if you got an insanely lucky titanforge. The only way 985 nighthold gear would show up in the BiS list is if you have the “titanforged” option in the filters/options set to something very high.