A feature that will dramatically improve Ask Mr Robot

Hello AMR development team. I would like to make a proposal for a significant improvement in the Best in bags function. At the moment, this function creates an almost ideal assembly of a character for a fight lasting 5-6 minutes. That is, the function tries to make my average damage per second maximum. But very often this optimization is not correct for certain bosses due to the shorter battle, this becomes especially noticeable when the level of the characters’ items significantly exceeds the level of difficulty of the raid. Also, sometimes bosses (for example Sludgefist) have windows with an increased amount of damage taken for a short period of time. So that’s what I’m talking about. Please add the function of choosing the length of the battle time for your neural network Best in bags and we will immediately begin to get more correct results and will be able to more accurately tweak our characters. Thanks in advance.

The data for the gearing strategies is all pre-calculated. To be able to add the options you are suggesting, we would need to pre-calculate the data for multiple time intervals and fight types, which would unfortunately be rather prohibitive.

Our classic site is able to do more of what you suggest because we use a computational model instead of simulation. Simulation is accurate, but slow.

We created the customization features to help people make custom builds for situations other than maximizing average DPS on challenging fights. There is more that can be done with the customization going forward, and that is where we are going to focus future development to add more convenience to people using the site.