A few DK things

First off here is addon export im using for everything listed below.

For Unholy BiB is coming out at a 4.5% loss compaired to locking in the shoulder/chest legendary BiB VS Locked

Also for Unholy I feelycraft that T21 4pc is slightly undervalued but it’s a little hard to tell. As of now its looks to be implemented as just a extra damage event baked into death coil. If it could be broken off into its own spell breakdown it would help checking things. Also with the way it’s baked in i dont believe its proccing some things as it should. Did some digging and found this:

For Blood in the Felhounds script it doesn’t seem to be using Dancing Rune Weapon at all. Here is the sim. It does however use it correctly on Portal Keeper.

Also for blood, with the legendary item Skullflower’s Haemostasis the buff applied by Blood Boil is also applied by your DRW copies. So you get 3 stacks of the buff with 1 Blood Boil while DRW is up.

Suggestion for the blood rotation would be to change the talent Blooddrinker usage to pretty much on cooldown from what it is now. It does a lot of damage and rarely enough healing to make holding it worthwhile. Testing it with the condition if HealthPercent > 0.50 came out within error for death chance and NPS while boosting dps considerably.

The unholy thing is because I fixed intstructors fourth lesson in the simulator, but still have to recalculate the gearing strategy. I had it bursting wounds too often.

I can take a look at the blood stuff. If DRW isn’t being used in the felhound script, maybe there is something going on with how that script was set up, since I use the function that checks if you have aggro.