A Mixed Bag of Suggestions

This post started off as just a couple of suggestions / feature requests for the Upgrade Finder > Bonus Roll UI, but I kept finding more and more things I wanted to comment on or request, so now this is just a giant list of stuff. I’ve tried to phrase everything in a way that suggests all of this is just my personal thoughts and feedback, but I’ve been writing this on and off for a few hours, and I am sure a few “this thing would be objectively better if you just listen to me” have slipped by; ignore them. It’s all just ideas, musings, and personal requests.

Make the Character Selection Consistent
Some time ago you guys made it so the mouse cursor focused on the AMR ADDON box when we click the IMPORT FROM ADDON button, and that was great. Clicking on my character’s name, however, brings down the exact same menu, only the mouse focus is not there. I think it would make sense for these to work the same way.

Global Boss Filters
My spec has no bearing on what bosses my group can kill. If I mark 6/8 H Uldir in my Protection Upgrade Finder, then go do UF for Retribution, I am still clearing those same bosses, I just might be interested in rolling Retribution for some of them.

Mythic+ Range for Bonus Rolls
Something about this option feels weird, and I don’t know how to fix it. My intuition is that I should be selecting a range here. Let’s say I’ve just completed M6 Siege of Boralus and have a bonus roll I could use (because there’s a bunch of items I could use from there). I know I can do up to M9, and if I change my filter to Mythic+ 9, M9 Kings’ Rest becomes my top bonus roll option (because there is a sick trinket there, for example). In a scenario like this, I think I would want to tell AMR “Look, I can/want do M+ up to M9, you figure out whether bonus rolling in this dungeon on M8 is better than this other dungeon on M9”.

Or is this too much of a hypothetical scenario?

Dynamic Updates in Bonus Roll UI
Upgrade Finder > Raid UI updates live when as I type my search criteria, and I love it. The Bonus Roll UI also does this, but it’s worse because the boss/dungeon names don’t go away even as the item lists do update. Let me illustrate.

Here is how the UI looks when I first load it:

Okay, I should be rolling on Vectis (H). What if I am interested in weapons?

Looks the same. What’s worse, here’s how it looks like when I manually expand the first 15 lines:

In other words, Heroic Vectis stayed my top choice even when none of the bosses actually had loot that matched my filters, and the only way I’d know that I couldn’t bonus roll a weapon is by clicking all the arrows. Plus, manually expanding all of lines is annoying.

Support for Warforged/Titanforged Gear in Mythic+/Raid/Mythic+ Cache
Perhaps I am simply not seeing this, but I can’t find a way to check whether a WF/TF piece is an upgrade over what I am wearing without (re)running BiB. Let’s say I have a 360 cloak, and I get a 360 Titanforged version of a different cloak from a M+ (where its base item level would’ve been 345). I don’t know how to find the 360 version in the Upgrade Finder unless I artificially bump the M+ level of the dungeon to one where 360 is the base level (which involves a bit of guesses and clicking around).

Heart of Azeroth Requirements in Results
Not a feature I would die for, but it would be nice to have some kind of indicator that tells me which azerite armor traits I can activate right now. Maybe a small grayed out number next to / above each grouping of azerite traits?

Press Enter to “Confirm” Search/Filter
This might be a niche request, but a lot of the times I am looking at loot, I am also in Discord, where I use PTT. I’ve noticed that a lot of times I will be typing something in the Upgrade Finder Search/Filter Items box and also saying something in Discord, pressing my PTT key, and ruining my filter. I’ve trained myself to hit TAB before talking, because that puts the focus on the Hide Downgrades checkbox, but for a long time I was trying to “confirm” or “save” what I had typed by hitting Enter in very much the same way. Can you make this happen?

Combine Customize Gear & Choose Azerite Powers
Usually, when I am locking a piece of azerite armor in my BiB setup, it’s because I want to force AMR to use a specific azerite trait on it. Currently, at least on my screen, I need to do this weird dance where I click on the item I am interested in, the Customize Gear menu shows up, but selecting specific azerite traits requires me to either click on one of two pretty small regions: see screenshot.

I would love to be able to do all of this in a single popup (maybe select my powers directly from a slightly redesigned Customize Gear window, and you can keep the Choose Azerite Powers the same - because it’s great).

Minimize Current Gear List in BiB
One thing I’ve had to do occasionally this expansion is to locate a specific slot in my BiB list. I end up having to either scan item names and try to infer the slot (gauntlets > hands, girdle > belt, armguards > ???), or find the slot name all the way on the left and kind of trace the line with my mouse to see which BiB item it matches. It’s a bit clunky.

I would love to be able to either “minimize” the currently equipped items list at will - kind of like how the UI looks on a smaller screen:

or maybe see each line shaded slightly differently. The colors in the spec selection will do nicely:

Lock Current Item/Gem/Enchant/Azerite Powers
You know how when you lock one of these things, the lock icon turns orange and you can simply click it to unlock the thing? I would like the opposite as well - clicking on an “unlocked” icon to lock the current thing directly.

Unlock All Azerite Powers
Sometimes I mess around with azerite traits, and end up with a mess. I would like a button in the Choose Azerite Powers window that undoes/unlocks all changes, or blanks out all traits - much like there is one on the Customize Gear window.

Hide Low Item Level Gear
I’ve got items in my bank I don’t even want to see in AMR - they will never get suggested, and they just clutter my lists. Items like the Cloak of Coordination, or the Legion legendaries and artifacts. Can you do something about that? Maybe an automatic “if I am max level, hide items from previous expansions”? Or a manual “ignore items below this item level”?

Fewer Clicks
Getting to my Upgrade Finder results, assuming I trust BiB 100%, is still pretty clicky. Homepage > Optimize > (assume my character is cached, so no selection/import) > Best in Bags (up top) > Find Best in Bags > (assume I don’t need to make any changes to my setup) > Step 3. Find Best in Bags. The process is the same for finding upgrades. Can we maybe drop a couple of those?

For example, check if I have a cached character, and if so, take me directly to the optimizer (instead of putting me on the homepage). Optimizer > Simulator is still just a single click (same as Homepage > Simulator), so no damage there, but if I was interested in the Optimizer, I got saved a click.

Similarly, can the buttons under How can Mr. Robot help you? both scroll the page down to the appropriate section, and open that section?


One more thing:

Reorigination Array Dropdown
Can you update the entries in the Reorigination Array dropdown to also include the buff stack count?
So instead of saying

  • +75 Highest Stat
  • +150 Highest Stat
  • +225 Highest Stat

it would be something closer to

  • x1 (+75 Highest Stat)
  • x2 (+150 Highest Stat)
  • x3 (+225 Highest Stat)


  • 1 Stack (+75)
  • 2 Stacks (+150)
  • 3 Stacks (+225)
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I think the simplest way is to add it to the addon export.

For the Reorigination Array? Yeah, that would be better. Not simplest though, my proposal was just a visual change :slight_smile: