A Serious Suggestion with Significant QoL Improvements -- Content Opt In/Out

I hope I’ve reached the right place in the forum. I love the Upgrade Finder and Best in Slot tools, but there is a feature that I would suggest adding:

  • Local or Global Opting in/out of certain content.

If I’m in upgrade finder, I (personally) want to Opt Out the mythic bosses for ToS (and not see them in my results) since I will not do that content for a long time. I do, however, want to include heroic, normal, and mythic + dungeon content. This would make the process of deciding on bonus rolls quite a bit quicker and easier.

This would also be helpful for looking at your Best-in-Slot. It would create a tool that allows you to find the best gear based on the content that you’re willing to run.

Thanks for your attention.

Actually, this feature already exists. At the top of the gear optimizer next to the Selection pulldown for the ranking strategy is a symbol that looks like a triangle on a stick (best description I have). This will open up the filters you want to use for that character, including Raid levels, dungeon levels and so on.

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… I am so excited. Thank you.