A Suggestion - WoWhead Gear Linking

So Im mainly into WoW Classic atm, but i guess it could also be a thing in shadowlands/retail.

Why isnt there some kind of link to wowhead for items so that you can figure out how to get an item(quest items and chain quests for example).

I have a tendancy on my new charcters to look for the bis list on amr for wow classic and the items that come from quests i end up with another tab on wowhead looking up the quests, why not just link out to make it easier for everyone, and drive some traffic to the best resource out right now with wowhead?

I think classic is pretty unique in that some quest items are actually desirable/BiS. In retail WoW almost no items you actually care about in the long run come from a quest that isn’t apparent or part of the main story.

Wowhead has made it clear that they view us as a competitor and so they treat us as such, so you’re not going to see a bunch of wowhead links on our website, unfortunately.

thats unfortunate. I guess thats true with classic, but then again if tbc classic comes out itll hopefully further yalls classic reach too.

I feel like you guys and wowhead cover such different aspects of the game. Maybe alternates like classicdb would be an option? wowhead was just my original thought since its the most widely used

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