A way to increase an item level of the item you currently have for BiB

With M+ and Valor points nowadays allowing us to upgrade our items would it be possible to implement similar upgrade option, a sort of sim prediction of an increased item level version of the same item for BiB feature?

For example I have an item that is not an upgrade when checking BiB but potentially just because its item level is lower (let’s say 213) compared to the other I currently have equipped (226). I would like to know if or when upgrading its item level by Valor points would make a breakpoint and show it as an upgrade over the other.

Sometimes a small ilvl upgrade pushes an item to the top and sometimes it is hard to figure it out without actually spending all the Valor to bring all your items to the same item level.
I would like ARM to artificially let me do that ilvl increase (slider?) without actually spending valor points to be able to plan ahead and tell me what item is worth investing Valor points into.

Is this something that is possible to implement?

If you have an item that can be upgraded with valor, you can use the Upgrade Finder, and the Valor search type. Set the upgrade level you want to try, and it will show you how your item would rank were you to upgrade it.

The “Add to my Bag” Upgrade Finder search is also a good generic way to test “what if” scenarios like this. You can choose up to 10 items at a time, and it will rank it as if you had it in your inventory.

I think that these tools should do what you are describing – let us know if they do not.

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