About Retribution Paladin

Hi, I am a player from China and a user of askmrrobot for a long time. I would like to make a suggestion for your website about Retribution Paladin .
Retribution Paladin is now divided into two talent output modes.
In China, one of these two output modes is called automatic and the other is called manual.
The manual gears require Execution Sentence, Fires of Justice, Seraphim, Final Reckoning, and Covenant is Kyrian.
I have checked the Guides for Rotation on Retribution Paladin . I found that this set of maneuvers is wrong. So maybe askmrrobot doesn’t have any Retribution Paladin manuals related simulations right now. This also leads to the fact that I can’t fully trust askmrrobot’s advice on my gear. So please update Retribution Paladin for manual gear play. At that time I will also renew my subscription to continue using askmrrobot, as well as many manual shifters.
Note: All the above are machine translated.
Good luck to askmrrobot.

Can you tell me what you think the problem is? It sounds like you think the abilities are being used in the wrong order.

Yes, when you hit a single target, you should first start with a full five points of energy, then use Seraphim, then another full five points of energy, then use Final Reckoning, then use Execution Sentence, because you need to make sure that Execution Sentence receives all the gain effects.
You can see from the wcl records that manuals have now taken up most of the list. So I think askmrrobot needs to update or learn Retribution Paladin’s manual blocking gameplay, which might be able to attract more manual blocking Retribution Paladin players to subscribe to askmrrobot.
Note: All the above are machine translated.

Here is what the simulator is doing right now:

If you look in the “Log” section and filter to “Cast Success” you can see what it does.

I changed the rotation to do what you mentioned and this is the result:

Saving up holy power and synchronizing seraphim, final reckoning, divine toll, wake of ashes, execution sentence certainly gives you a chance to do some huge burst damage. But, the cost is that you will, on average, get less uses of the 45 sec cooldown abilities. Unless you get lucky procs from Fires of Justice, Ringing Clarity, and The Magistrate’s Judgment, your damage goes down on average.

We see this a lot in WoW - top parsing players trend towards styles that can maximize potential burst damage, even at the potential cost of a theoretical average DPS loss.

I could certainly change our default rotation to do this… but I’m not sure that is the best general advice to give players. Traditionally, people want us to give them the advice that maximizes average DPS.

Maybe there is some other condition necessary to make this play style out-perform my default rotation?