Access to the Path

Hi all…

VERY computer illiterate person here…

Was trying to set up the client on my computer…got it all set… did a sim on website and got

“Access to the path ‘C:\PATH\AskMrRobotClient\cache\44c25269c12a46f1bb9f3aa7c68ad130_8863b1f44c254a3f960baaf0b8cde170.csv’ is denied.”

Searched on the forums(search feature) and didn’t see anything.

Any help would be appreaciated.

Haven’t seen that one before… a couple possibilities come to mind:

Did you perhaps run the client twice from the same folder? That could cause this issue.

As a potential way to fix this issue, you could try stopping all of your clients, then go into the cache folder and delete anything that is in there. Then restart the client and try your simulation again.

Are you using windows 10 ?
Windows 10 has a feature “protection for Ransomware” integreated.
At some point i activated this feature and couldn’t use or install anything on my computer (including the client).
I have a screen shot of the parameter (SORRY it’s in French)

It all works now… As my computer relogged overnight, I’m sure it was the issue of having more than one client open at once…

thank you guys so much for the advice.