Accessing TBC Optimizer? Where did it go?

In my purchases it says:


You have lifetime access to all of the TBC optimizer features as long as your subscription is active.

But note that there is currently no way to play TBC Classic anymore!

I understand I can’t play anymore, but I am levelling a new character and am almost into Outlands and would love to use the optimizer for TBC content. When I go to the AMR link ( it does not work.

How can I access it? I have a yearly subscription if that matters. It must be some where on the website as it says I have lifetime access to it… but I can’t find it. Sorry for being not very good at finding this.

Thank you!

They ended up doing TBC differently than Classic Era. Classic Era has servers still going that are stuck to that version of the game.

There is no way to play TBC Classic anymore. If they ever do make a way to play it, we’ll make the TBC Optimizer available again. (The TBC Optimizer wouldn’t even load properly for your characters since many game mechanics changed, talent trees, etc.)

You want to use the WotLK Optimizer since you are essentially playing the WotLK version of the game, just not at max level. Though we focus on max-level content, it should give reasonable results even at lower levels.

Hello yellowfive,

Thank you for the reply. I think I will have to try and figure out the gear suggestions better then, I have the wotlk version as well but it always suggests level 80 gear for me (other than Best in Bags). The min. ilvl is set to 1 but still shows level 80 stuff. I honestly have no idea what to do to change it to not show anything above a certain level I set.

Best in Slot and Upgrade Finder are only really designed for max level content. Best in Bags will work with what you currently have in your inventory. When I’m leveling up, I rely mostly on Best in Bags. Usually you don’t go out of your way to farm gear at lower levels – you just use the best of what you happen to acquire as you level up.