Acient Flame tick seems to proc less compare to log

Hi !

Just wanted to looked into my logs and see if the build i’m going into is good or not.
I’m more looking into the DPS metter than the HPS meter (because i’m far from the HPS meter)

Currently i’m comparing this :
To this:

Ancient Flame did proc 104 times on a fully single target boss compared to the Simulation where it procs 48.5 times.

Could you look into this ?

Cordially ?

Also on the same log we can see “ancient flame” and “Obsiduam Claw” healing through atonement. I’m not sure if it’s a bug on wow logs side. It’s possible but their seems to have events associated with the Obsiduan Claw and ancient flame.

Comparing two different things is the problem here though - if you take a look at healing done in the log, those numbers match up far better with 33 procs out of 68 casts (vs. 48 procs out of about 85 casts in your simulation). On the other hand you cast about 150 damage spells which obviously causes a much higher number of procs.

The amount healed by Ancient Flame is pretty consistent between your simulation and your log (0,6% vs. 0,7%).

I see what you mean that true ! But what about uptime ?

The damage and heal share an rppm, so you have to look at the ticks together for total uptime/procs.

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