Activate Spec and Equip Gear tries to equip legendary base item

Activate Spec and Equip Gears tries to equip legendary base item.

I’m using the Eternal Call to the Void (210) hands and have a higher base item Grim-Veiled Mittens (235) in my bags. When using the activate spec and equip gear, it tries to equip the base item Grim-Veiled Mittens instead of the crafted legendary Eternal Call to the Void.

It shouldn’t do that because it should see different bonus IDs on those items and think they are different… I haven’t seen this happen with a similar case on my own gear (my bag has base items in the same slot as my legendaries).

Unfortunately it’s a bit difficult to debug in-game addon issues for other characters… could you try putting the 235 item in your bank, close your bank, and then see if it gets around the issue?

If that doesn’t work… could you try exporting and re-optimizing, see if it resolves the issue?

yes it works perfectly if the base item is in my bank and bank is closed. only gets confused when i have the legendary and base item for the same slot in bags.

I also just tried it with the cloth pants. same issue. Did the export, reoptimize, reimport and even disabled all addons except AMR but issue remained.

Some extra info: If the Legendary item is already equipped it also works fine and doesn’t try to swap it out with the base. The issue is only when the legendary item is not equipped and there’s a base item for the same item and slot in bags. Then it gets confused and trys to equip the base item.

I’ll try to reproduce the issue on one of my characters in-game – so far no luck though, not quite sure how that is happening…

Same thing appears to be happening with Masterful Phaedrum Ring (168)

Main spec doesn’t use the ring. Off spec(3rd spec) does. I have 1 ring in bag soul bound and gem socketed which should be equipped. However, since I’m a Jewel crafter there are many unbound not socketed Masterful Phaedrum rings in my bag. It tries to equip ones of these unbound ones and gives an error that cannot equip becuase its not soul bound.

It’s possible this is a different issue… best in bags may have chosen one of the other rings instead – they all look the same to the optimizer. If you put on the one that is already soulbound, then export, and re-optimize, the optimizer should favor that one.

I just installed v97 and it appears fixed for both the legendary base scenario and the phaedrum ring scenario.

Glad it worked!

Yeah I was able to reproduce your exact issue with the legendary on my own character and test/fix that. It turned out to be a little more generic than just legendaries, so hopefully it clears up a few other cases people were having as well.