Adaptive Equipment Sets

With the release of the new Adaptive gearing strategies, you can choose Single Target or Multi-Target. I get great gear suggestions from both of those, but I have to maintain 6 equipment sets myself and can’t rely on AMR addon’s auto gear switch ability. Currently, the addon’s import function creates 3 equipment sets for me: AMR Destruction, AMR Affliction and AMR Demonology. When I import a new BiB setup I have to rename the equipment set then import for the multi-target version. This means I’m importing twice and renaming 6 gear sets every time I get a gear upgrade.

I am wondering if it would be possible to have the addon create equipment sets that include the gearing strategy in the name? Something like AMR Affliction - Adaptive Single and AMR Affliction - Adaptive Multi. This would make maintaining multiple gearing strategies much easier and I think something the AMR community would like.

We do plan to add that to the addon - we just haven’t had time yet. Now that we have the adaptive gearing strategies working, we’re going to work on getting the addon improvements finished hopefully before the next raid comes out.

Great! Thanks for the information.

Out of professional curiosity, do you have a roadmap of enhancements and features posted somewhere? I know these are hard to keep up to date and dates are highly fluid but its nice to see where product owners are going.

No, we don’t. We only have three people, and only one programmer - our targets are so “fluid” that people just get mad at us if we try to put a date on anything.

And then blizzard does stuff like… add the nether crucible, which pushes all our other plans!

I completely understand. I’m a single programmer on a team of 15 people. My manager wants me to put drive to dates on all my tasks and complains that I never hit them. Of course 1 person handling the feature requests and user support for 5 applications means what I plan to work on and what I work on changes daily.

Thanks for all you hard work. For such a small team, you’ve created one of the best tools for the WoW community.