Adaptive Gearing Strategy Known Issues

These are known issues with the current adaptive gearing strategies that are queued up to be re-calculated ASAP:

  • Ravasaur Skull Bijou is ranked slightly off - might be too high.

  • Overflowing Spheres (resto shaman) is way over-valued (got ranked with no aoe heal cap!)

  • Pack Alpha a little off - got ranked as increased pet auto instead of basic attack

  • Preheat is ranked too low - we updated the rotation and it should rank a bit higher now

  • Storm of Steel is ranked too low - got ranked not being multiplied by combo points spent

  • Cascading Calamity is ranked too low - we updated the rotation to make better use of it

  • Streaking Stars is ranked too high if you have Incarnation

  • Blizzard snuck in a bunch of changes today to lots of azerite powers. We’re going to figure out what all those are and re-calculate the rankings.

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