Adaptive - Saving and using a gearing strategy

So assuming everyone reads this Gear Ranking: Version 3 when they are about to use AMR post-7.3…

It seems like the overall message is to select Adaptive, select single, multi-target, (or eventually healing or tanking I guess) and run BiB normally.
No re-running simulations every 2 weeks or every 5-10 item levels?

In that blog you say

For the people out there who just like playing the accuracy mini-game, you can use our powerful simulator to squeeze out a tad more assurance that you have the best possible set of gear. We have some new features planned for simulation junkies in the near future that we think you will really enjoy.

Under what conditions should we still be running our own sims?
If you are doing heroic raids by end of content but aren’t super hard core about it should Adaptive be fine?

We are seeing an ongoing set of little bugs that are being worked out with various clases/specs/gear combos.
How much of these fixes are going to require rerunning the whole adaptive set through global network?

You’re going to want to go back and update a lot of your docs, blogs and videos.

When I talk to fellow-raiders about AMR they have lots of misconceptions that have been addressed already. Someone walking into AMR for the first time doesn’t really have a clear path anymore to “How do I use this?”

The first paragraph from the section you quoted from says:

Unless you’re in a world first mythic raiding group, I doubt you’d need to bother with resimming.