Adaptive Strategies: Demon Hunter

T he Adaptive Strategies for the Demon Hunter - Havoc, has Mastery as the 2nd best stat. As of 7.2.5, Mastery is our worst stat.
Our stat priority is: Critical Strike, Haste,Versatility, Agility, Mastery.

“As of 7.2.5… Our stat priority is…” - according to who; Blizzard…? Blizzard are the only people who can categorically tell you what a stat. priority MUST be; anywhere else, incl. AMR, offers advice on what stat. priority ‘should’ be… and as with any advice, you can either factor it into how you play or ignore it & move on.

Part of the ‘Adaptive’ part of the system is that no SINGULAR stat priority is best, there are 000’s of variations that work equally well, hence why the graphing of stat’s, here has ranges… within which if you have that much of a stat. you’re OK to perform optimally.

Now; as is seemingly apparent from your post, you ‘choose’ to subscribe to ONE method of working & come to other sites to trash how they advise players to set their characters up, then might I respectfully suggest that you acknowledge the advice offered & decline to use it… rather than appearing to say “this is how it MUST be done, you’re doing it wrong”…?

AMR have put a lot of work into the way their recommendations work & do not (as some sites appear to - their (AMR’s) words, not mine) rigidly sticking to results that may be backed-up by little or no substance at all.

As of when? Where is the updated Robot? Seems to have fallen to the wayside…

Well; if you ‘have your information already’ and AMR is telling you different to what you want to see… why come here?

You know better, AMR can’t tell you any different… time to walk away. shrug

The adaptive gearing strategy is updated as of 7.3 and it will find you a set of gear within 2% of theoretically optimal.

There are sets of gear with higher mastery that work well, they just aren’t popular. We take a 100% data driven approach that looks only at simulation results.

Most other sources of information find one local maximum and offer that as generic advice because it is easier to explain. At AMR we aren’t afraid to tackle the entire complicated problem of gearing and offer you a more complex solution.

The sets of gear we recommend work well.


It’s like people can’t be bothered to read the blog or the numerous previous posts like this.

I am continually amazed at your patience with these sort of posts. Props to you AMR guys.