Add on not recogniizing script from web site

problem that 'm having is that the add on is not recognizing the script from the web site when importing I can export the script from the add on to the web site and back but when it goes to putting changing the gear that the web site is saying to put in it is actually putting it on but saying it’s equipped but not I’m attaching screen shoot from web site and from in game.

as you can see from the WoW screen shot it show’s that 2 items are showing as being equipped but not and the one from the web site shows what is supposed to be there

Thanks in advance for your time

Do you have multiple versions of that item in your bags? It might want you to equip one of your other ones with different azerite powers on it.

no sir not even in my bank and this is happening on all of my toons

Well let’s wait until after tomorrow, see if it clears up. We did update the site with 8.1 item data which won’t be live in the game until tomorrow, might be causing an issue.

I have sort of the same issue. MrRobot tell me to upgrade to an item I do not have after using the “best in bags”.

Well, I do have the “item”, but MrRobot asks me to equip a 5ilvl higher item which I do not have.

It’s probably the last azerite trait, which increases item level by 5.

Thanks, you are correct!