Add on won't Load

Install Instructions:
Download the zip file by pressing the button below.
Extract the contents to your Interface\Addons folder of either the World of Warcraft Beta (beta) or World of Warcraft Public Test (PTR) folder.
Restart WoW if you have it open.
Download the Addon

Not sure whats going on. Up until this patch no issues at all. Now when I dl the add on and copy it to Apps/Wow/Interface/AddOns, Mr. Robot does not show up in game. I have tried /load amr.

Guess we should update that text to refer to the live version of the gameā€¦

You need to exit and restart WoW when you install a new addon usually, try that.

If you are still having trouble, you can also use the Curse Client to install and update our addon (and most others):