Add option in BiB to not go further than X below your current maximum ilvl

Hello folks! I have a regular issue with AMR, I want the best combination of items from my bag, just like everyone else. Except nobody will care if you are doing better damage with 455ilvl than with 465, you’re just in another ilvl bracket by then! I’ve usually solved this by going to Worst In Bags and trashing anything below 10 ilvls from my best, however this is far from an optimal approach.

For example, I always play as a healer, but some content is just made to be played as a DPS (visions, open world content, etc.) and when doing such solo content, I just straight up want the best possible throughput I can get, even if I drop 40 ilvls.

Would it be possible to add an option to the setup similar to the “Corruption Max” that says either “Minimum total ilvl” or “Max ilvl below max in bags”, so that we can set this for the setup where it matters and ignore it for where it doesn’t?

I think in Shadowlands we’ll see less cases where a much lower item level item will win out over a higher one – azerite gear tended to be the major offender here.

Perhaps set bonuses will cause this eventually when they add them… but I don’t think anyone will complain too much if you’re dropping some ilvl to keep a good set bonus.

Also – in most places where someone would “care” what your ilvl is… the game already tends to use your max “owned” ilvl, not your equipped ilvl.