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Hi there.

I’d like to manually add items to my bag to use on Best in Bags. Is there an way to transform an item id into a piece of import string?

I know there’s an Add to my bag on Upgrade Finder, but the logic for Upgrade Finder is very different.

I need something that will swap items around, otherwise hit won’t be computed. The Best in Bags already do that very well.

For example, I want to know if I’ll aim for 2 pieces of tier and/or other pieces, but as the Upgrade Finder doesn’t swap pieces around to check for best upgrade combination, it does not give me correct information. It devalues piece with hit a lot because it can’t swap pieces.
The same goes for caster 2-hands vs 1-hand + offhand.

Maybe it works better on Retail, but with hit caps the Best in Bags is much smarter.

I see there are some other posts about this, but I still have the same problem. It does not work as I would hope for and be more helpful.
I want to actually see things as if they were in my bag to use Best in Bags as if it was there.

(references or related:

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And just to be clear, I don’t mind manually manipulating the importing string if needed, I just would like to make this work.

I can always simcraft manually, but the way Best in Bags try to smartly swap items is the most useful feature here in my opinion.
Saves a lot of time and effort.

The “Add to my bag” search on the Upgrade Finder already does what you want. It is a more thorough optimization than the other searches because it works from a much shorter list (you can try up to 10 different items in one search).

That search will equip the item in question, then run a Best in Bags optimization with that item locked in place.

But I believe it doesn’t combine items. If I add 2 pieces of T9, for example, for the tier bonus. It only does one at a time.

The Best in Bags try everything, and that’s the key difference.
I want to see if a piece X is better, but to try that and need to add a piece Y on my bag, to balance either hit options or tier set options.

I want to simulate adding T9 legs and T9 chest, for example.
But T9 legs have a lot of hit, so I would need to swap several pieces to make it work.

The Best in Bag would be great to do that.

I can always simulate on simcraft, but I’ll have to try a lot of swaps manually and a lot of thinking to see how to reorganize my gear to put those 2 pieces of T9.

Then, it might not even be a dps upgrade, because for shadow priest 4piece t4 is really strong.

If I could leverage Best in Bags to do that it would be really great.

I see – yeah we don’t do every combination of those items right now.

I’ll give it some thought… perhaps we could add a mode for the “Add to my bag” search that instead of giving a rank to each item your choose, it simply adds all the items to your inventory and shows you one score for the best solution it found.

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That would be really great and solve all my gearing strategy problems.

The way Add to my Bag works right now, is much more like a Rank these items.

I believe that’s why I previously saw some confusion on other ppl and had a lot of confusion myself before I understood what it actually was doing.
I was actually expecting to add to my bag, literally, and went back and forth some times.

It actually does add it to your bag and optimize, just one item at a time. That is a little different than the other searches which do a much faster scoring – they start from your current Best in Bags solution, then swap in the one item of interest and score without trying to switch around your other gear.

One day… I want to update all of the Upgrade Finder searches to do a much more thorough optimization like “Add to my bag” does, but it would require some significant performance enhancements to the site. I think it can be done… maybe… but I have to experiment with a few approaches.

Yes, but that’s behind the scenes, that’s the developer view on what it does, not the user view.

For the user nothing is added to the bag, as when you go to the bag section, there’s nothing there.

Yes, what you’re saying would certainly help. I do understand the constraints on performance and server costs though.

I’m thinking on gearing strategy scenarios mostly. In this scenario, for example, I already explored Upgrade Finder. I know the good pieces, but I want to know how the next few ones might fare on my gear.
I might pass a piece, for example, if I can’t get it to work with my current hit options.
And on Upgrade Finder I often see a really good piece being discarded because it has hit.

Best in Bag really is marvelous to be able to handle all those complex problems.

Maybe all items on Upgrade finder could have a button to add to an “Fantasy bag” or something, up to a number of items.
And you could do Best in Bag with and without the Fantasy Bag.

Just to say that I’ve been heavily using the site for gear planning and your idea for combination would make a big difference. I would pay more and be willing to wait more for results.

From the Best in Bags, after optimize, when you click an item, you have a search field. Maybe we could add items to consideration from there.
My hit is very bad right now and I need to replace a 100+ hit trinket and don’t have many hit options.
So I keep buying and selling back tier with trophy to try different options.
I’d like to do the same with algalon 10man gloves (pulsar gloves) that has hit, but still don’t have enough sidereal essence to test that.
But then, I might farm it and discover that it’s not a good fit considering everything I have or could easily get.