Add to my Bag, more confusion

Like others I am not seeing the usefulness of “Add to my Bag”. What I thought it would do is allow me to select an item (like a piece of badge gear) and actually add it to my bag, then rerun the optimizer “Best in Bags”. Adding an item and having it displayed as a 5% upgrade is great but, without being to actually add it to my bag an rerun the Best in Bags, I can’t see the full implications. Many times equipping a new item is “better” but comes at the cost of changing some existing gems, enchants etc… Am i missing something here?

“Add to my Bag” does just that – adds the item to your inventory, then runs Best in Bags to try and find a combination of gear that you own that works well with that item. This is why it is limited to 10 items, because it does a lot more computation than the other searches.

This post describes how it works in more detail (great vault and add to my bag work similarly): The Great Vault Upgrade Finder Search

Thats what I thought it would do, But i don’t see it in my inventory bags. And running the optimizer again does not see it, Maybe something is not working correctly?

It adds it to your bag behind the scenes, does an optimization to get the best setup, then shows you how that setup scores compared to your current setup – the value shown in the list of results is that difference.

I guess what I am saying here is if by equipping this new item gives say a 2% increase but at what cost of re-gemming and re-enchanting my existing gear? If I can manually swap this item into position just like it is truly in my bag inventory then i can play around with existing gems and chants to see if its really worth the effort and expense. By simply telling me the result of 2% increase without knowing what other things on my toons existing gear changed (existing chants, existing gems) then its kind of worthless. Not totally but kind of a shot in the dark as to if I can realistically equip and use the item.

It will use all of the same settings as the active Best in Bags setup. You can use the option to limit upgrading gems/enchants unless they would be a large enough change to warrant the cost, if you are worried about that.