Addon close bug

The addon doesn’t open when your in combat which is fine. However, the reverse happens. Many times before a pull I open the addon to import an updated string, check my gear or update my sets. Then someone either pulls or an add nearby comes at me. In these cases, I have the addon open already but I can not close it. It happens very often. The close button won’t work and neither does escape. Whatever is making it so you cant open the addon in combat is preventing it from closing in combat. I end up having to do a /reload which works but takes several seconds and it either messes up my dps or kills me. I didn’t see a topic about this but I apologize if this has been posted already.

You could do /amr reset instead to quickly hide it in that case.

If have to ask @yellowfive if there is any way to avoid the disabling of the close button during combat.