Addon is not working right

Addon does not work when I try to scan equipment, left click on window in game is empty have all the updares, thank in advance

Are you getting an error?

You can install the two addons BugGrabber and BugSack – it will create a minimap icon that you can click to display and copy addon errors. The icon turns red when an error has happened, and by default it plays a sound.

Thanks for your reply, I was not able to get buggrabber nur bugsack to open ingame so I deleted my account in the wtf file and everything is workin now.

Add on only appears in upper right corner. Everything is beyond the corner except part of the to be copied window. I cant seem to anything that will recenter/ pull the window back down to add its features back to the screen. help.

In your chat window type:

/amr reset

Then press enter. That will reset all addon settings to their default values and should center the window.

Ty Sooo very much. Worked .