Addon Not Opening

Hey, I used to use AMR on retail a year or so ago, everything worked perfectly and now it wont even load.

First, I tried reinstalling via Curseforge then reinstalling via the website. Whenever I restarted wow, it showed up in the addons list as loaded, but the /amr command didn’t work with no error in the chat, and there is no icon on the minimap for the addon.

Next, I disabled ALL addons except AMR and it still wont load via the chat command with no error message in chat, and no minimap icon.

Thank you for your help!

Try /amr reset - the window may have ‘disappeared’ off-screen.

Thank you for your help! I was hoping just /amr reset would do the trick, it didn’t, but it dawned on me google was a thing! Found another thread from here where /amr show was also recommended. Since I did both, I have no clue what the problem was, but the window appeared again after typing the second.

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