Addon not working in 10.0 pre-patch [solved]

Even with all addons disabled (except Ask Mr. Robot) and running /amr reset I’m not seeing the Minimap icon. Typing /amr doesn’t give any output either. What’s wrong?

Addon version 114

Hard to say… I’m definitely using the addon with no issues. You could try installing the two addons !BugGrabber and BugSack – they will give you a minimap icon that will capture errors from other addons. See if it is able to get an error message for me to take a look at.

I have bugsack, not showing any errors.
In my search I found the existence of the /amr show command and that works. Then enabled minimap icon again. Everything works!
Just weird that /amr doesn’t do anything, at least show valid options or something.

i can’t remember if /amr help lists commands or not. In theory /amr reset should also reset the show minimap icon setting, but maybe it’s not… I’ll look into that. Glad you got it working!