Addon version error when importing WoW classic character

I’m encountering this error May 15, 2020, but only when attempting to use the simulator. Tried the most recent version of the addon both from the addon webpage, and through twitch. I’m attempting to import a classic wow character.

I moved your post to a new topic – that other one was a couple years old and not relevant anymore.

If you are getting an addon version error, is it possible that you are trying to import a classic character into the BfA optimizer?

I’m able to use the classic optimizer without issue - I get the error when importing my character string into the simulator to run simulations. Is there a specific simulator I should be using that is solely for Classic WoW?

AMR does not use a simulator for Classic as combat there is far less complicated (e.g. “press one button” for several classes) and so AMR uses a relatively simple mathematical model to determine the value of stats/items.

asashdor is correct: the simulator on our site is only for retail WoW. We do not use a simulator for classic.

Classic gameplay is able to be modeled very well without a simulator, which then allows us to provide more options/settings in the optimizer (like fight length, all the consumable options, etc.)

That’s too bad. I like to see those values for myself. It would be nice if classic AMR users could use all the features that retail enjoys, especially considering the one time upgrade fee we pay in addition to the subscription.

Creating a fully functional simulator is a lot of work.

There isn’t enough demand for it to pay for the development.

I’d probably still go with a formula based approach even if I were going to extend classic support further.