Addon wont work for my Druid in Classic?

So i got 3 Chars. A Warlock where everything works fine, a Mage where everything works fine. And a Druid where i can’t use the Addon. I dont got a Minimap Icon and /amr wont work either so does /amr reset. I removed the Addon and reinstalled it again. I disabled all other Addons (even so i use the Same Addons on all my Chars) but nothing works.

If you type /amr show does the addon window pop up? If so, go to the options tab in the AMR addon and ensure that the option to hide the minimap button isn’t checked.

Like i said. /amr and /amr reset(as i had seen in other Topics who do had the same problem) do not work at all.

Did you specifically try:

/amr show

If that won’t work, it’s possible some addon conflict is preventing it from loading. The best way to trap addon errors is by installing two small mods called BugGrabber and BugSack. With those, if any error happens, you can bring it up with a minimap button then copy the error and paste it here for us to examine.