Adjusting item bonus upgrades in Upgrade Finder

Greetings all,

I apologize if this has been said before. I have one QoL request that would be relatively easy to do because you already do it in the gear explorer.

When I raid I usually have AMR up on one of my screens with my character loaded etc. I run the upgrade finder and search for whatever boss we are about to fight. We kill the boss and lets say a neck drops. The neck is titanforged to 940 and has a socket but has worse secondaries. Is it better than my 930 neck that is perfectly itemized? I’m not really sure.

Now I can go to the item explorer click on my neck to get the list of all the necks, find the one i want and manually adjust it so it matchs the one that dropped. But by this time the chance to bid on it is over. It would be really nice if each item in the upgrade finder would have the option to manually set any bonus upgrades on it like the item explorer does so you can quickly upgrade an item that drops on the fly and see how much of an upgrade it is for you before you bid or roll on it.

If something like this is available and I am just missing it please let me know how to find it:) Thank you for all the hard work you do, I am really loving all the new changes.

We can put something like that on the list of things to do-- there isn’t a way directly in the upgrade finder to manually choose an item variation right now.

In the meantime, if you currently have your best-in-bags gear equipped, the ranked lists in the gear explorer should rank almost exactly the same as the upgrade finder. You should be able to use the search there to quickly find and modify an item.

Yeah that is what I am doing now, and it is exactly what I am looking for in the upgrade finder. By the time I find the item and apply the necessary affixes, the bid is already over ill figure something out to go a bit faster, but thank you for putting it on the list of things to do:)

Not sure if it helps, but some people miss the text search box above the list of items on the gear explorer (and upgrade finder).

It is a very fast and flexible search – you can look for a boss name, zone name, part of the name of an item, stats on the item… all sorts of stuff. It filters as you type, so usually just a few letters is enough to narrow it down quickly.

Cool, I will try that out thank you for the help!