Adjustment needed for Shaman APL?

With the advent of 7.2.5 and ToS, the go-to spec for Elemental Shaman is the ‘Gamble’ spec (ie. Smoldering Heart + Deceivers Blood Pact, with the Aftershock talent).

Since it requires one of the new legos, it is not widly used yet (, but when it is, does way more damage than the classic spec.

I am bringing this up because using the AfterShock talent requires a change in rotation, in particular with regards to the Earth Shock casts. All the details are available on SE&L, in the ‘Smoldering Heart’ section (

Side note, if you compare the ‘rotation’ section of this reference site for Elemental Shaman’s, you’ll notice several discrepancies between AMR’s APL and what is suggested. It is not as impactful as the Aftershock thing, but if you add up everything, it might make a difference.


Thanks for the heads up. I read the recommendations and tested everything out.

I get optimal results with slightly different rotation tweaks. I made the following changes to our rotation (and I noted where I think a different optimization is best.)

1.) I adjusted our rotation to use earth shock during Ascendance. This is a very slight DPS gain now that they buffed earth shock.
2.) I added a condition to use Earth Shock at lower maelstrom with aftershock and deceivers, like suggested on that blog post. But, the suggestion there is 70+ maelstrom. I get best results with 105+ maelstrom (assuming full artifact). So, a 20 maelstrom deficit instead of the usual 8-12 deficit.

Otherwise the default rotation is already doing all of the things suggested in that blog post!

I think some of these differences come because AMR is slightly more accurate for Elemental Shaman than SimC. If the TC’er writing that blog would be open to using both simulators and starting a dialogue with AMR, everyone could benefit!

That’s awesome thanks.
People usually have strong opinions on this SimC/AMR debate, however, I posted a message on the shaman Discord, to let people know that this topic exists.