(Advanced) Averaging and creating subsets of stats and talents for optimal gearing strategy + Any Advice

In excel I have taken a Mist Weaver HPS stat simulation. I’m taking the average of all the HPS of 5k combinations. Then I plan on using a If statement to see if a certain stat is connected to HPS above the average. If all four stats are true, then I will make a subset of those listings and do a average of those HPS and do the process over again till I lock down 10-20 different builds of both raid and mythic. Then take the averages of each stat and use that in game as my Pawn stat guide.

This will be used to correlate my talents in both raid and mythic content and what stats I should be aiming for.
Does anyone have any ideas on how I could make the process more fruitful? All ideas are welcome.

Hi ! =D
As a main mistweaver, i can’t go past this post !
What you are looking to do is to do a classification problem ?
Is their a group of stats that different from the other?
Imagine the picture above bein x = crit stats and y=hps.
And replicate this graph for all stats over and over (it’s not just a graph you can get data from this)

Personnaly i think you wont have the result you are looking for, you will get somethings where everythings is messed up or mostly “random” with one tendancy (mastery beeing at the bottom; i may be wrong).

Also, the current stats for MW rotation in raid isn’t finished in the simulator. Their will be change in balancing hopefully comming soon. And some alteration for some talents that aren’t properly used for example the rank 2 for Enveloping Breath that are not fully implemented yet.

At some point in BFA i’ve made somethings like this :

The point is his to get what generally on the top of all the essences.
I change manually a treshold (Cell L1) and see what show in the 3 red colonne.
It mean in other terme under 12% of the max hps it use Memory of Lucid Dreams and the Ever-Rising tide in major essences.

How does all that sound ?

I don’t know if I have a ton I could really add to this…

Our optimizer is one big solution to this very problem that we have worked on and revised over 10 years. I feel like any feedback I give is going to just lead you towards: use our optimizer! Since, of course, we consider our solution to the problem to be a good one.

For healers - just an FYI, we are going to have a “blender” in shadowlands like tanks so that you can decide how much you care about HPS compared to DPS.

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Thanks, i will have to use the optimizer then.

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