Advice to reduce melee miss % or lower melee in rotation

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I’m using the AMR recommended rotation (as best as I can). Damage output from a Raid is as follows:

I notice that the melee miss rate is 20.66%. I’m trying to tune the rotation to be faithful to AMR but still reduce inefficiencies (if possible). I’ve been able get close to the simulated dps output occasionally but it’s very hard to sustain over the long run (i.e. raids), for a variety of reasons (human ability to play like the simulation, ability to make rotation decisions that do not match simulation (like NOT using Fel Rush beside a cliff), rigid logic restrictions imposed by scripts, etc).

Does anyone have suggestion about reducing melee miss % or other recommendations based on my rotation?

There’s nothing that you can do to lower your miss chance – it is built into all dual-wielding specs (19%). I believe the miss % column on WCL also includes parries and dodges. You can avoid those by always attacking from behind your target when possible. In AoE situations it can be tough to avoid it entirely though.

Thank you for your response and insight.