After multi specs handler - Multiple charactere handler!

Hey !
Just want to share here some of my though to add things “on the list”.
Every player have a limited time to play to wow.
So, i would like to how i plan for my reroll (currently 3).
First how i manage Upgrade finder in multiple specs:
I get the list from AMR using “average” and order any boss/Dungeon like so:
Then for each boss i go an look into the gear list i can get as an upgrade:

So for the boss “Jadefire Masters” because i can loot the ring in the enhancement spec, i will put myself in “enchancement” and try to get any item that could be an upgrade for both restoration and enhancement.
Then i can put this kind of list:
Now comes the difficult part: how to choose wich charac i’m going to take into raiding or MM+ run.
Because i can switch charac between bosses in my guild i try to order like so:
First Spec fro charac 1
First Spec for charac 2
Second spec for charac 1
Second spec for charac 2
Then i choose what character i will use for this content i’m going to do. It’s quite a personnal process because some time i will accepte to not do the content for my main because i will ignore this item (trinket on Opulence for exemple or i will target a specific item like a weapon on this boss and not take the one hand on this one).
Here it’s seems a bit complicated to find a pattern but having the first part done could be nice.

To summarize:
Imagine an overview page on the website that will look into upgrade for each charac like their is already for each spec and give me a list of content World Boss, caches, raid, MM, MM+ (as a list) and in each content an order telling me “this content is best for this charac” with value (not rank like my poor excel). So if i got an upgrade of 1.5% for my reroll and 0.2% for my main, going to my reroll is probably the best idea in terme of “cost/gain” function.

And to finish it, extrapolate to a team viewers kind of thing where, a guild leader could plan what composition will be use on what boss to get the best upgrade overall in his guild member. (this part is prabably for Mythic only guilde because of the 20 raiders limit :x)
Yeah we do this for every raid:

We did at one point have a tool for looking at a whole raid of players - the “Team Optimizer” - but we ended up discontinuing it in this expansion because they got rid of Master Loot. Some sort of tool to look at multiple characters at once would be cool to think about in the future.

The biggest problem is that it ends up being really slow and resource intensive.

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Yeah i did used the Team optimizer, it was nice but only if all of your team mate were using AMR or so.I Wonder how Facebook to speed things up and so are doing with their huge amount of data :thinking: probably some bigdata magic. Idk !