Aldor/Scryer shoulder enchants missing

It seems that the shoulder enchants from Aldor and Scryer are missing!

Could you post a snapshot where this is happening? Instructions on how to do that here:

Hi Yellowfive,

Just to follow up with this: 5f27a2e3c542402599172cfb64720f1b

First time posting so hope this works. Basically it is telling us to get the Might of the Scourge from Naxx, followed by Zandalar, Fortitude of the Scourge then resist enchants. Doesn’t include any TBC enchants. It is obvious to me that we should get the Aldor/Scryer enchant, but it would be good to get this fixed to ensure this doesn’t have any impact on other optimisations.


Your character has no faction set, so it won’t show aldor/scryer-only things. You can set it by importing from the latest version of the TBC addon (v6 as of this post), or by manually setting it – click the “hamburger” icon by your character name at the top-left of the screen, then choose your faction.

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