Allied Wristguards of Time Dilation

I’m trying to read up on BiS for shadow priests, and it seems like most articles mention “Allied Wristguards of Time Dilation” as a BiS item, especially in a raid since it benefits not just you but the raid as a whole. But I can’t see that AMR recommends it. Why is that? Is the other two embellishment item that AMR tells you much better? Just trying to understand. :slight_smile:

Also, I can only see “Allied Wristguards of Time Dilation” as ilvl 473 in AMR. It can be 486 as well, right?

They can be crafted up to lvl486, which you can control via the Crafted Quality filter. You can also use the down arrow to the left of any item in the list to modify it to a different variant and choose a different item level.

Right now we only rank the special effect’s personal benefit to you. It would get a bit more value if you want to consider how it would impact your allies as well. We could change the ranking if that is the way people prefer to think about it – in the past, most people have told us they prefer the “selfish” approach to rank things, e.g. if it doesn’t make my character rank higher in a log, it might as well not exist. But if the guides out there have decided they want to rank this item including the other 4 allies it impacts, we can certainly do the same.

I have tried Crafted Quality Tier 1 and Tier 5 (I don’t know which one is best), but they both only show “Allied Wristguard of Time Dilation” as 473.

Snap: aa3a8959744140da8bdafd85b6ff98c6

Press the down arrow next to the rank number to see other variants: