AMR addon deletes all existing AMR Equipment Manager gear sets upon character login without even opening the AMR addon

So, this is worse than I previously noted.

What I see is happening now is this: If I have the AMR addon enabled, then when I log into any character that has any pre-v65 Equipment Manager gear set, the v65 and v66 addon deletes all of those pre-v65 gear sets… without even bringing up the AMR interface.

As such, I now MUST go through each character and re-create all of their Equipment Manager gear sets using the v65-and-beyond AMR (currently v66), or else I will have no gear sets tied to each spec in Equipment Manager for each character.

The AMR addon should NOT delete gear sets in the background without me actively bringing up the interface.

I have 52 total specs for all of my characters; this just created a lot of re-work for me.

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The next time you import from the website, it will recreate all of your gear sets for you with the new names that match up to what you see on the website.

It deletes the sets created before this site update to avoid having a duplicate of every one of your equipment sets, which would be pretty annoying. It also only removes sets called e.g. “AMR Retribution” if you are a retribution paladin. The next time you import from the site via the “send to addon” button, it should create a new set called whatever you have it labeled, most likely “Retribution” by default.

I understand how it’s working now.

However, it should NOT delete the existing pre-v65 gear sets before I’m ready to create new ones!

For instance, when I log into a character to PLAY it, I shouldn’t have to be forced to go re-create its gear sets just to be able to switch specs… when I already had a perfectly good gear set stored for each spec!

You should not be deleting the pre-existing gear sets in the background simply because the character has been logged into!


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To add to this, it would be useful if, when importing from the add-on to the website it mentioned that the add-on was out of date, otherwise all your gear sets are gone and it won’t remake them because of “improper formatting”. Without knowing what the problem is and not having time to troubleshoot the player is left having to manually make a set in a panic.

Edit: and now it just equipping the gear without making it a saved set, as in when it makes AMR Guardian. I’ve checked the options in the options tab to make sure “disable creating equipment manager sets” hasn’t been ticked but it hasn’t. I’ll uninstall the add-on and reinstall and see if that works.

Edit: Forget everything I said if Mr Robot now supports multiple equipment sets per spec its worth it even if the add-on reaches out of the screen and punches me in the face every time I use it, this is such a big deal for me. In addition to paying for an account do you guys have a donation/tip option?

All of these changes were to support the long-requested multi-set feature. It poses a lot of logistical challenges, which is why we didn’t do it sooner. We don’t have any donation options. We do offer gift subscriptions though, so you could share how awesome the site is with a friend :wink:

This was a one-time thing to transition to the new approach for handling multiple gear sets. There was really no perfect way to do it… this way prevented a bunch of issues in the code that would lead to other potential bugs and problems.

Sorry about the minor inconvenience of having to re-import your gear sets from the website to re-sync the addon after this change. Once you do that though, everything should be fine again.

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You should ALWAYS ask the user before destroying their data. A simple prompt about out of date sets would have been simple enough. I can handle sets with duplicate names easier than recreating past work.

This is simply infuriating. I don’t pay to have your addon delete my sets.

Please patch in a update that at least asks before deleting sets.

It only replaces the sets called specifically “AMR [spec]” with the ones from your best in bags next time you send to addon, and that replacement can be done in just a few seconds… press “send to addon” then import in the addon, all your sets are back just as they were.

edit: You do need to activate the gear set once via the addon to recreate the equipment manager set – that is a requirement of how the WoW addon API works. But you can do that by simply clicking the “activate spec and equip gear” button. Pretty quick and painless.

It doesn’t replace sets - it deletes them with the onPlayerEnteringWorld Event. (I would say silently, you left a debugging print statment in the code)

I understand what it does, just not why. You don’t understand how your users are using those sets.
In many cases have specifically modified them from the originals, and you have destroyed those. I use an addon that arranges my bags based on equipments sets, and those rules are now broken.
To put it in coding terms, you don’t own the ‘AMR’ namespace and deleteing my sets is presumptious.

You could have simple done something like:
C_EquipmentSet.ModifyEquipmentSet(setid,"OLD AMR " … specName)
instead of silently deleting them.

Its neither quick nor painless for me to recreate these over many alts. I can’t even see a list of characters I created those sets for on the website as those were purged at some point.

I would simply disable the new addon for alts, but you’ve planted a boobytrap here that might get sprung in the future if the addon accidentally gets re-enabled.

Please reconsider your deletions. You are violating your user’s trust.

So here’s what I can do: if you have the option checked to disable creation of equipment manager sets, it will disable the upgrade behavior that syncs up the “AMR xxx” equipment sets with the new format. I’ll put that in the next update. Sorry about that – it probably should have done that in the first version, just missed it.

If you don’t have that option checked, it is assumed that you want the AMR addon to manage automatically updating the “AMR xxx” equipment sets. That is the majority use case, and how the addon is designed to work for maximum convenience. For clarification on the addon behavior:

In all recent versions of the AMR addon (for the past several years), whenever you use the addon to equip one of your imported gear sets, it created an equipment manager set called “AMR [spec]”. Whenever you import new data and update your gear set, it automatically updates this equipment manager set whenever you use the addon to activate that gear set.

In other words, if you are using the AMR addon, the “AMR [spec]” equipment sets are frequently modified by the addon. Any hand modifications to those sets are not guaranteed to be saved.

If you check the option to disable creating equipment manager sets, then the AMR addon won’t make or modify equipment sets. This next update will ensure to honor that setting when upgrading to the new format as well.

With the newest version of the addon, it will create equipment sets with whatever name you have on the website for your setups. If you don’t disable creation of equipment manager sets, every time you import best in bags results it will potentially modify equipment sets with the same name. If you check the option to disable, it won’t touch equipment sets.

If you send a setup to the addon via the Gear Check feature, it will have a default name of “AMR [spec]” when it creates an equipment manager set. Once again, it will potentially modify this equipment manager set unless you check the option to disable equipment manager integration.

So bottom line: unless you check the option to disable equipment manager integration, expect the AMR addon to create/modify/manage equipment sets with the name “AMR [spec]” or whatever name you have set for your Best in Bags setups on the website. Your custom changes to those equipment manager sets may be overwritten at any time.

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