AMR Addon for Mac

Hello All, I have been waiting for the AMR Website to show my toons as I prefer to use the website rather than the in-game addon. If I have to use the in-game addon, is there a working version for the Mac please? Thank You

Import from the Armoury is next to pointless and - as far as I can tell/am aware - has been abandoned in favour of the add-on, as it’s more reliable/dependable.

Thank you eighjan and I wish you well.

The in-game addon is the only way to reliably get all of the data needed to optimize your character (the Armory/ API doesn’t provide e.g. data about gear in your bags, among other things).

As an in-game addon it doesn’t matter what platform you are using (windows, mac). You can get it via curse/overwolf, or directly from our website: Addon