AMR addon freezing up

I’m having a weird issue with the addon for the last two days. I was working on updating my secondary spec and was using the addon and the site, copying and pasting info between them and then at one point, the left click option became completely non-functional. I can still right click the mini-map icon to change specs, but a left click does nothing and I can’t get the addon to open the window from the command line. I’ve tried removing the addon with Twitch and deleting all user saved data and then restarting and reinstalling and it still didn’t fix the issue.

The worst part about this is when the addon glitches, it also knocks out my ability to use the keyboard with the game for a period of time. The mouse works but not the keyboard. It’s so bizzare. Any thoughts?

Never seen that happen before… not sure what would cause it… does it happen on any character or just for specific characters?

It’s a good question. I didn’t think to try that. What I ended up doing was looking for all the AMR files and I found one somewhere which wasn’t getting deleted when I uninstalled the addon and selected the option to also delete user files and prefs. Once that additional file was deleted (had to close game, uninstall addon, delete additional file) I reinstalled and it seemed to have cleared up the issue, so things are ok now it looks like. The fact that the addon glitch knocked out the keyboard was the oddest thing to me.

I am having the same problem. Happens only with one of my characters. If I left click nothing happens. If I do it again the keyboard freezes. I have tried deleting the add-on and adding it back in but that did not help.

I run two screens. It seems to have started when I was dragging the AMR window to my other screen. It never made it to the other screen and just disappeared. Ever since that event, which did not seem too important at the time, I have been getting this result.

You run WoW over two screens or you tried dragging the AMR window outside of WoW onto your second screen?
If you can’t find the AMR window type /amr reset and that will put it back in the middle of your WoW screen.

As for freezing up you’d need to check with only the AMR addon running, if it works fine like that something else is causing problems. But for now reset it and see if it works how you expect it to.