AMR Addon Not Exporting Correct Talents

When I export from the addon and import to the site, it doesn’t display the correct talents. My talents in game are 3313111, but the sites shows 1132211. This is on my holy priest. I haven’t noticed it on my other toons.

I do believe this is intended behavior since AMR does not know which spec you are exporting. Not sure though.

When we added the feature to allow multiple setups per spec, we had to change this behavior. The talents that you use to optimize might be different than the talents that you currently have in-game. Before you optimize, you should make sure to change the talents on the website to the ones that you plan to use.

The reason for this change is that when you import from the addon, the talents you currently have active on your character might not be the ones that you plan to use for raiding, or running mythic+, or whatever you are trying to optimize your gear to do.

Our gearing strategies will adapt appropriately to any combination of talents, so it is really important that you have the talents chosen that you plan to actually use when doing the activity you are optimizing your gear to do. This new approach we think makes it much clearer that you have to make that choice. Previously, people’s talents were changing automatically when they would import from the addon, which was sometimes changing the optimization, and people didn’t notice why it was changing.

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